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Mulberry Silk Pillowcases- worth the investment?

My birthday is coming up and I want to add to my birthday list something luxurious- and what could be more luxurious than a silk pillowcase?! Do you have one or have used one in the past? With so many silk pillowcases on the market, which one should I choose?

I have a new skincare routine from my local Beauty Salon with my fabulous therapist Fran at True Beauty Medispa Aesthetic & Skin Clinic Twickenham (@truemedispa_twickenham) and I have been doing some research on the silk pillocases. I have been told that one of the easiest ways to upgrade your bedtime beauty regime is with a pure mulberry silk pillowcase- not cheap but apparently 100% worth it.


Mulberry Silk is known for softening the skin and the super-smooth texture of the pillowcase helps avoid any annoying pillow creases on your face. And also because silk is less absorbent than a classic cotton pillowcase, it won't pull the moisture out of your skin overnight which means your evening skincare will soak in well into your skin and not onto the pillowcase. Silk pillowcases also improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps make sure the hydration levels in the skin are maintained.

And as an added bonus it helps with your hair too by fighting frizz! By sleeping on a silk pillowcase there is no static created as you toss and turn at night. If that wasn’t enough, the breathable nature of silk helps to control your temperature- especially if you are a hot sleeper or reaching than dreaded "M" word... and to top it off silk pillowcases are antibacterial and hypoallergenic too.


The prices of mulberry silk pillowcases are not cheap. And some people don't like the feel of the silk and the way they 'slip' off the pillow. Some silk pillowcases

Now to actually choose which one to purchase....

Use my code for extra discount on these from Lookfantastic: LFTFBYCARLA Please note that some of these links above may contain affiliate links which could mean I earn a commission on anything you purchase at no additional cost to yourself. This goes towards supporting my small business and the time it takes me to test products and review them.

I think I am going to be purchasing the Slip Silk Pillowcase Queen size!

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