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Cloud skin: The new Spring Makeup Foundation Trend

What is cloud skin?! This is the latest trend on TikTok and it is all about slowly stepping away from all the highlighter we have been using and making the foundation more of a soft focus matt effect like a hazy cloud.

Cloud skin was made popular a couple of years back by MAC makeup artist Dominic Skinner, and it has now come around again.

Beautiful soft focus matt skin with a skincare dewy effect under the foundation
Cloud Skin Makeup Foundation Trend Spring 2023

Dominic says this look is all about the skincare and foundation by combining them together to make the foundation a soft matt effect like the sun shining through a band of clouds.

I think glowing skin will always be popular but I do like this cloud skin foundation look - it is just so lush on the skin and feels amazing like skincare too not just foundation.

This is the product list I used to create the Cloud Skin Foundation Trend on my model, Ella. First I used Embroylisse moisturiser all over Ella’s skin and massaged it in. Afterwards I applied a generous amount of serum. I used the new MAC Hyper Real Serumizer.

I then mixed Mac Studio Fix fluid foundation with Mac Studio Fix Mattifier and applied the mixture all over with a foundation brush and then buffed it into Ella’s skin with a damp beauty blender which I dampened with Mac Fix + fixing spray which helped set the skin and give that perfect Cloud Like finish.

Maybe Charlotte Tilbury with her new matt blush wands knew this trend was coming this spring…


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