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The Importance of a trial

At our trial we talk about everything to do with your wedding. This is where we meet each other and I get to know everything about your wedding, like the all important wedding dress, the colours of your flowers, your wedding venue and what type of style you are after. Then we look over images of hair and makeup inspiration to come up with a bespoke bridal look created just for you!

I would then prep your hair and create a wedding hairstyle that you are after and I might show you a few “quick” other versions that can be done too depending on how we have prepared your hair. From there we would go onto the all important skincare prep and makeup application. Afterwards we would choose some hair accessories and veil placement and would look over the entire bridal hair and makeup look and add/ change or tweak anything until you are 100% happy.

Once you are happy I will take some photos and I will write down your makeup product list and hair chart so I can recreate your bespoke look on the wedding day. I will give you a list of products you might want to purchase in the run up to your wedding day to keep your skin and hair in top condition. I will also send you an email of helpful tips on how to prepare your hair and skin before my arrival on the big day.

On the wedding day after I have created your bridal hair and makeup I will give you the all important bridal touch up kit. There are loads of little goodies in there to keep your makeup perfect throughout the wedding day including a powder puff, tic tacs, tissues, a sample of the bridal lipstick and much more little items- I won’t give away too much more but I know you will love it!

The aim of the trial is to meet each other and create a look beforehand so you know how you will look on your wedding day and if you feel you need to add or change anything we do so before the wedding day. Few brides opt out of a trial and if they feel they are 100% confident not to have a trial I will then require a lot of information beforehand so we decide on a look for the wedding day that is right for you.

Here is what my bride, Jess, from September 2022 has to say about our trial together:

"I absolutely loved spending time with Carla at my hair and make up trial as she brought my ideas to life. She had so much patience and trialled two of my looks before settling on the best one. It made me feel super confident and comfortable going into the day knowing how much zen she’d bring to the getting ready process - she’s a true professional!

Between the trial and the wedding I changed the look for my hair from half up half down to hair up style. After meeting Carla, I opted out of a second trial as I trusted she knew my hair type, my overall look and the vibe I was going for. I had no doubt she’d bring my dream hairstyle to life and she absolutely did. Thank you so much for making me feeling absolutely gorgeous! 🫶🏻" ~ Jess

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