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How to apply eyeliner like a pro!

There are several ways to apply eyeliner, including using a pencil, liquid, or gel formula. Here is a basic guide for applying eyeliner using a pencil:

  1. Start by sharpening the pencil to a fine point. This will give you more control and a more precise line.

  2. Hold the pencil as close to the tip as possible and place the point of the pencil at the base of your upper lash line.

  3. Gently pull the pencil along your lash line, moving from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner.

  4. If you want a thicker line, you can go over the line again, building the intensity as desired.

  5. Repeat the process on the lower lash line if desired.

  6. Finish off by using a small smudge brush to blend out the liner.

For liquid liner, apply it using a brush or the applicator that comes with the liner. Start with a thin line and build it up as desired.

For gel liner, use an angled brush and apply it in the same way as liquid liner. Make sure to keep the brush clean and dry.

Remember, practice makes perfect! It may take some time to master the technique, but with patience and practice, you'll be able to apply eyeliner like a pro.

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